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Belize’s Subterranean Caves

Explore Belize’s extensive subterranean caves – one of the most spectacular adventures in Belize!  

Cave Tubing and More


Exploring Belize’s extensive subterranean cave system is one of the most spectacular active adventures in fabulous Belize! The Caves Branch River is a unique river that races through the foothills of the Maya Mountains in central Belize. During its run through the jungle, the river plunges through the limestone hills in a wonderland series of caves with enough clearance for adventurers to navigate through. Some of these are more than two miles long! Imagine roaring downriver for two miles underground: No amusement park can compare! 

Discover the world of the ancient Maya as you pass through the hourglass-shaped entrance of the beautiful ATM cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal). ‘The Cave of the Stone Sepulchre ‘ is one of the most thrilling caving experiences that Belize has to offer, bringing you face to face with astounding archaeological relics. Ancient Mayan Ceremonial centres, pottery, artefacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, jade,  and the actual footprints of the shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D. can still be seen. This awe-inspiring cave system is like nothing you’ve experienced before! 



You can combine Cave Tubing and Cave Exploration to explore this incredible river cave system. Most Caving and Cave Tubing Adventures are two and a half to three hours in the cave system! You’ll walk through river waters, hike through the jungle, and even enjoy a swim for a grand and memorable adventure!

Wear: Short Pants, T-shirt and some closed water shoes!
Bring: bug repellent, swimsuit, towel plus a change of clothing. Headlamps are included in tours. 

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Did you know?

Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world? 

The Belize Barrier Reef is 190 miles long and in1842 Charles Darwin described it as ‘the most remarkable reef in the West Indies’.

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